Checklist: Launching a product with gamification

Jul 28, 2023·

2 min read

Check out the 8-step checklist:

The basis of gamification consists of: objectives, rules, playfulness, fun, feedback, rewards, and status.

In the process of creating a gamified product, it's essential to align its features with business objectives and user needs and pain points.

Marczewski (2012) proposes an 8-step sequence that serves as a checklist before launching a gamified product to consumers.

  1. What is being gamified? Understand which stages or experiences in the product will be impacted by gamification.

  2. Why is it being gamified? Identify the expectations and objectives of gamification.

  3. Who are the users? Define the target audience, engage them, and avoid elements that may frustrate users.

  4. How is it being gamified? Reflect on which gamification elements will work best for users, how dynamics will function, and what reactions are expected.

  5. Can I analyze this solution? Check if it's possible to analyze user behavior metrics in the product to understand its effectiveness and address any issues.

  6. Has it been tested with users? Prior validation with users through controlled tests or beta testing is crucial.

  7. Were user feedbacks considered? Collect feedback from tests to understand corrections and improvements before the full launch.

  8. Have I launched the product to the market? Plan communication and marketing strategies to attract consumers to the product.

When creating a gamified product, avoid using random game elements in the user experience. Understand the context, business objectives, user needs, and pain points to design meaningful gamification solutions with a compelling narrative for players.


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